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Cub Roar

Lion Cub, near Gravelotte, South Africa

This little cub was trying to roar although it looks more like he is smiling to me. We tracked the cubs mother using telemetry signals and spent a few hours sitting watching them playing on the rocks. A truly amazing experience. I can’t wait to one day go back to Africa, it is the most awe inspiring place I’ve ever been.

My Zazzle Store

Hi everyone, I have been hard at work setting up a zazzle store, where you can buy my images on phone cases, t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags, aprons, keychains, magnets and much more. Keep an eye out for new products as I am constantly adding more. If you see an image you want but can’t see it on the product you want to buy just drop me an email katefoxart@gmail.com or leave a comment on the photo. I can also be reached at www.facebook.com/KateFoxArt

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My zazzle store: http://www.zazzle.com.au/katefoxart*

Brown-hooded Kingfisher Iphone 4 Cases – Zazzle.com.au

Brown-hooded Kingfisher Iphone 4 Cases – Zazzle.com.au.

Tranquil Waters

Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia

I took this photo on a boat trip around the gorgeous lakes at Lakes Entrance

Sable Sunset

Sunset, Limpopo, South Africa

Another amazing South African sunset.

Getting back a little bit of me

Well it’s been a hectic few years for me. Moving to the other side of the world from England to Australia (Australia is much better, sorry fellow English people but it is true!), getting married and having my 2 beautiful children. After 2 years of nappies, sleepless nights, boobies, nappies, oh yeah and a few more nappies, I have finally decided it’s time to make a bit of time for doing something just for me.

As many of you will appreciate being mummy is by far the best thing I have ever done, but it does kind of make you make you feel like you loose a bit of your own identity sometimes. While I love spending time with my gorgeous babies more than anything else in the world I started to fear that I was starting to stagnate. So I decided to take the bull by the horns and get myself organised, practicing strict sleeping times for my 2 year and 4 month old was going to be the only way to get some me time.

So here I am, and I’m getting the last few years of my photography and art off of the hard drive and out into the universe. I organised my lovely husband Matt to help with my website and Facebook page and threw my self into the world of blogging. Since then my passion for art has come back with a vengeance and I’m learning to use the world wide web to promote my art and market my work and products. At times things may slow down for a bit but bear with me, I have 2 small children!

I’m feeling very positive about my first week of me-ness. I have already got myself a little exhibition at the end of the year at Northcote Town Hall in the Glass Gallery from Dec 1st to Jan 30th. It may be a small space but it’s a big step for Kate Fox Art! Check out the link, more to come about that later…

Visit the Northcote Town Hall site

I’m back on the scene and I’m here to stay! Hello world 🙂

Prints & Canvasses

Prints and Canvasses are available of all the images on this site.

8 x 12"

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20 x 30"

Mount Field Tree – Tasmania

Beautiful Green Trees, Mount Field National Park, Tasmania

I love the colours in this photo, Tasmania is a truly beautiful place.

Lion Bite


Lion eating wildebeest

Now Showing on National Geographics Daily Dozen for June week 3.


Kruger Baboon

Baboon, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Selati Lion cub

Lion Cub

Lion Cub, near Gravelotte, South Africa

Brownhooded kingfisher

Brownhooded Kingfisher, near Gravelotte, South Africa

Eye of the Lion

  • ion face
    Lion Face

    Lion, South Africa