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I hope you enjoy my art as much as I have enjoyed making it. Prints on canvas are available by request, or you can visit my store for phone covers, t-shirts, cards and maybe more ... all other enquiries can be directed to KateFoxArt@gmail.com


Project Dollhouse

Sorry for the lack of posts this last few months, I’ve have been studying, finishing my course and then visiting family on the other side of the world. I’m getting back into art again now and starting off with renovating this dolls house I found in a garage sale for my daughter. I am painting, wallpapering and installing new flooring. I have also added a stair case as it didn’t have one and I thought every dolls house should have a stair case. Here is how it is going so far…

Wall mural

I recently found some of my pictures of a wall mural painting while I was in Johannesburg in 2006 at Lory Park Zoo. I’m sure they probably need a touch up by now, good excuse to go back some time! Any way here they are…

Big Cat wall painting

Lory Park Zoo Wall Mural

This painting took me about 8 days of painting all day to complete and I loved it! Thanks Lory Park for letting me paint cats on walls!!!

lion detail from mural

Leopard detail from mural

Red Ball Sun

Another beautiful African sunset.

Big Ellie


Large Elephant at Kruger National Park, South Africa

Venus Bay

Venus Bay, Victoria, Australia

Beautiful Venus Bay



Pillars at the Alhambra, Granada, Spain

This is a photo I took of some beautiful Pillars while I was at the Alhambra in 2009.

Debra the Rocking Zebra

Rocking Horse Zebra

Rocking Horse Zebra

Debra the rocking zebra was a project I started for my children. I bought this rocking horse from a second hand furniture shop looking very sad. It had a zebra print furry piece of material stapled to one side with about a millon staples (not very child friendly!) and needed sanding down and painting up. I have enjoyed it so much I am now thinking of making these and selling them at markets or from my site! I’m now planning a rocking tiger which I’ll have to make from scratch.

Rocking Zebra Face

Rocking Zebra Face

Rocking Zebra

View from the other side

This was how Debra looked when I rescued her…..

This is how she started

Debra and friends